Whisper Digital Signage – The easiest digital signage solution for K-12 schools – Whisper is a cloud-based digital signage platform that actually works. No special hardware required.


Whisper: The world's easiest Digital Signage

Get your message seen, no headaches required

Schools can be busy environments – with students, teachers, staff, administration and guests, how do you keep everybody on the same page? As attention spans shrink and distractions mount, you need to engage your community in a way they cannot ignore: through their physical environment.

Enter digital signage on the Whisper platform. Never before has it been so easy (and so attractive) to get your message out to the whole community. With our hardware-agnostic approach, we’ll help you build a sense of place, and cut down on paper waste with just a few clicks.

No expensive proprietary Hardware

Whisper is Hardware agnostic – it works on any screen

Web-based signs

Whisper signs can display right in your browser. This means that any device that can display a simple webpage can be used as a vehicle for your school’s digital signage.

Television Apps

With Whisper apps for Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, and other major set-top and USB devices, you can use inexpensive, off-the-shelf tools to get any site up and running quickly and easily.


Between computer labs, offices, and classrooms, you already have hundreds of screens waiting to be put to use – do so with Whisper’s native screensaver mode for Windows and OSX

A sign for Pretty Much everything

There's a lot you have to share, which is why we've built template-based sign items for all the diverse needs of your school.

Really ridiculously easy Content Managment

Digital signage is only useful if you actually put great content on it, and too many systems on the market make doing so a chore. Not so with Whisper.

Your sign is managed through a simple, responsive, web-based content management system. If you can write an email or update your Facebook profile, you already know how to update your digital signage.

There’s also room to fine-tune with tools including scheduling, drafts, and dynamic content.

Simply Put: Whisper is the Easiest, Most attractive, and most flexible Signage Platform for k12 schools.

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